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Advisory Boards                understanding what they are and what they can do

How Advisory Boards Help Business Growth

What Are Advisory Boards

Initial Meeting   Advisory Boards are groups of individuals appointed to offer expert advice to the CEO, MD, Owner or elected Board

Initial Meeting   Advisory Boards are NEITHER bound by legal duties imposed on elected board directors, NOR is the CEO or elected boards bound by their recommendations.

Why Use an Advisory Board


Price   Advisory Boards cost significantly less than the majority of elected Boards.


Autonomy   The CEO or elected board using them is not bound by their recommendation.


Flexibility   Its Members can be swapped mid project to maximise the value of the advice.


Insurance   The CEO/Company do NOT have to pay Directors and Officers insurance for Advisory Boards.


Quality   Advisory Boards can attract top quality, professional and experienced advisors.


Duration   Advisory Boards packages cover the initial workshop, with an option to choose the follow-on meetings (monthly, bi-monthly quarterly) for one year only. This ensures you get the right advice when needed.

Who Can Use An Advisory Board

Any Company can use Advisory Boards   Any Company can use Advisory Boards; whether it is an SME [small to medium sized enterprise] or a large company.

Elected Boards   Elected Boards to compliment a specific skill area or to carry out a complex role or project.

Government Agencies   Government Agencies and not-for-profit organisations

Associations   Associations

high-level executives   CEOs, MDs and high-level executives

Advisory Boards Group offers professional Advisory Boards Services by assembling team based boards from a selected database of top directors.

Please contact us if you would like to book one of our services or would like to become part of our selected directors' database

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