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Help to Secure Cyber Workspace

Cyber Security Courses

How to stay Cyber Smart on a Board?

A course designed to help you understand Cyber Security risks and formulate board strategies to defend against Cyber threats.

Cyber Security is starting to creep into our daily life and media. We hear about incidents, hackers, ransomware and stolen identity or records. We optimistically hope it’s not going to affect us, we think the attacks are distant and have a low chance to find us. Nothing could be further away from the truth…and the statistics are proving it:-

The cyber security attacks are affecting Australian businesses at an alarmingly increased rate and with disastrous consequences. According to the studies from the Ponemon Institute and the Australian Government:-

  60% of businesses who experience an attack go out of business within 6 months

  Ransomware attacks have increased 300% from the previous year

  Average cost of data breach $4m

  Average cost of stolen record around $200

The changes to the Privacy Act introduced in March 2014 increased the penalties for breaches of privacy to:-

  $340K for an individual

  $1.7m for an organisation

The workshop content has been developed by experts with governance knowledge as well as technical and security expertise to help directors and executives take action to mitigate the Cyber challenges on boards and in management positions.

The topics covered include:-

  Define and understand cyber security

  Identify Directors Cyber obligations in the Corporate Governance Context

  Understand how to manage the Cyber risk within Corporate Governance frameworks

  Questions a Director should ask

  Measures a Director should take

  Steps required to create the Board Cyber Strategy

Suited to:-

  Existing and aspiring Directors

  Senior Managers

  Young Leaders

This workshop is covered in one session on the following dates:-


Friday *** October 2016 (12:00noon- 1:30pm AEST)

Friday *** November 2016 (12:00noon - 1:00pm AEST)



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