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What Advisory Boards Do

Advisory boards are groups or collections of individuals, ideally with complementary skills that create a valuable skill matrix and can act in an advisory capacity to the CEO/Managing Director, Formal Board or owner of a company. They do not have formal authority to govern the organisation; advisory boards make recommendations, provide information and materials to the CEO or convenor of the board.

For many small to medium size organisations that cannot afford or do not wish to have a formal board, the advisory board is the best suited option to maintain or introduce a high level of governance, obtain strategic advice or reach the next level of growth.

In many cases, it is advisable to engage an advisory board to seek advice when a major issue or risk has occurred, although Advisory Boards Group strongly recommends to book advisory boards before a crisis becomes apparent.

It is advisable to have an advisory board if you do not have a permanent board or your permanent board needs additional help and advice. Often, your own board may reach an impasse and may require advice from professional advisors who have been in that situation before and solved it.

Advisory Boards Group Services

Advisory Boards Group is addressing a need in the Small to Medium sized company market [or enterprises: SME], to provide specialist and strategic advice to companies in a professional yet flexible manner, without the legal obligation of a normal board or the CEO/Owner obligation to implement the board directives. Our Services, listed below, are flexible, efficient and offer value for any budget.

Advisory Board and Mentoring Packages

Initial Meeting   Initial Meeting

•  A meeting that will identify the issues to be resolved, solution options and required Advisor resources that will participate in the Strategic Workshop

Strategic Workshop   Strategic Workshop

•  Half Day or Full Day: Will deliver a plan of options and solutions

Quarterly Meetings   Quarterly Meetings

•  4 * meetings per year

Bi-monthly Meetings   Bi-monthly Meetings

•  6 * meetings per year

Monthly Meetings   Monthly Meetings

•  12 * meetings per year

Mentoring   Mentoring

•  12 * meetings per year

* Packages can be customized to suit

Book Advisory Board or Mentor
Work with a Mentor on your Cyber Security

Grow Your Business

Take the Company to the next level of growth with your Advisory Board

Cyber Security Assessment

Understanding the Terms Relating to Cyber Security

Manage Risk

Manage Risk, Opportunities and introduce top Corporate Governance

Cyber Security Courses

How to stay Cyber Smart on a Board?

Advisory Boards Group offers professional Advisory Boards Services by assembling team based boards from a selected database of top directors.

Please contact us usign one of the options below if you would like to book one of our services or would like to become part of our selected directors' database

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