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Australia My Land Pty Ltd:

We have only been working with Monica a few weeks but already we have seen and implemented options that will see us progress in the direction we need to. We have had other advisors come on board for a while but although they did help in some respects ultimately they wanted us to go down a different track to our already stated Business Plan. Monica however is working within our Business Plan and helping us do what we want to do simply a whole lot better and already with more success. We would readily recommend the Advisory Boards Group to help with your project for enhanced options for success or if, like us, you have hit a little, or big, brick wall in your business goals.

Robert Wilson CEO Australia My Land Pty Ltd

Lyle Stacpoole [BA] Project Development Manager Australia My Land Pty Ltd

Smile Design Orthodontics

I have had the pleasure of Monica and Nicole from Advisory Boards Group overseeing the restructure and ongoing development of my business. In a busy professional practice it is very difficult to address the commercial realities of my business and formulate strategies necessary to ensure success in a competitive environment. Monica and Nicole comprehensively researched my profession and applied their expertise to provide many business and management strategies that have and will be implemented to advance my business. I highly recommend their professionalism and guidance.

Dr Michael Dineen BDS, MDSc


Over a period of 2 years, while Monica managed Pen Computer Systems, I had completed a series of training sessions and courses run by Monica on key areas including risk mitigation, public speaking, commercial negotiations and staff management.

I was originally a Software Developer with a strong technical background but lacked commercial negotiation exposure, risk analysis awareness and management experience.

Participating in the training had given me awareness, knowledge and the skills to step up into a management role. My new role required a great deal of public speaking, risk analysis and commercial negotiations. Over time my role further expanded to also manage a team of 15 staff and the organisations IT Infrastructure policy and governance.

Monica’s training was one of the proponents to the acceleration of my career. The knowledge she had imparted was crucial to understanding the fundamentals of corporate business. Her past commercial experience and method of teaching is very unique, and enables her to pass on greatly condensed information to people of varying experience and backgrounds.

I can confidently say that it has been a rewarding, informative and enjoyable experience to participate in the training programs provided by Monica.

Rob Ivcec former Product Manager Pen CS

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